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Baybay's Clarity

Love song for no one

25 February 1986
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My name is Relina, I was born in Detroit Mi I presently live in Snellville, Ga. I'm funny, I love being with my friends,and I love children. I'm also waiting for my prince to come like most girls are, but in the meantime I'm working for myself by sewing (hopefully starting my own buisness) I also work at a daycare that I could quit anyday now, I finished "homeschool" last year in November so now I'm about to start going to school, to be what? I dunno, But I do know that my calling is to be a housewife, I always loved the idea of cooking, making clothes, and throwing partys, basically being a younger not criminalized (is that a word?)black version of Martha Stuart, hehe I'm not too good in the working industry as all of you know. That's my life if you don't know it already.

"i love yous", a good laugh, amusment parks, ashton kutcher, assemblies, babies, barbie dolls, beautiful scenery, being bossy, being cool, being me, ben jelen, birds, black eyed peas, blue jeans, boris kujo, braves, candy(especially choclate), cars, cats, channing tatum, chappelle's show, cheese, cheesy music, chicago, chickens, children, chris tucker, ciara, conan, concerts, conventions, cooking, cruises, csi, cute guys, cute tees, damien rice, dancing, dave matthews band, daydreaming, depressing love songs, dogs, doorbell ditch, drew bledsoe, driving, dumb and dumberer, eating, eddie griffin, embellishing, family, friends, funny commercials, fuzzy animals, getting my hair done, getting my nails done, girlfriends, giving gifts, guys staring, guys who play guitar, helping, honest people, hotels, howie day, hugging cat my cat, improving myself, jason mraz, jehovah, jesus, jewel, jewelry, joaquin pheonix, john mayer, johnny knoxville, joking, journey, judge mathis, just being with friends, justin timberlake, keith urban, kids, kool aid, lane, learning new things, lil john, linkin park, lions, looking cool, loud music, makeovers, making people laugh, martin lawrence, massaging chairs, meemeeteedeem, meeting new people, misery(the movie), morris chesnut, movies, mystery science theater 3000, nba finals, nice arms, norm macdonald, paula cole, phone calls, pistons, playing, preaching, purses, quizzes, quoting movies, reading, red wings, relina, reno 911, rob lowe, rough look, ryan cabrera, seinfeld, sergio manzo, sewing, shopping, singing, six packs, skirts, sleeeeeeeeeeeping!!, sleepovers, small talk, smiling, spongebob squarepants, stargazing, steve o, steve taylor, stilettos, superbowls, surfing(the web), switchfoot, teaching, text messaging, the beach, the memorial, the ocean, the truth, tigers, time shares, toddlers, tom welling, traveling, trillville, viva la bam, weddings